Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashion Bored: Casual Friday

It's Friday. I am still reeling from Doogs bday festivities. The lady knows how to throw a party and dance to Cher! So my outfit this week reflects my...shall we say lack of effort I am feeling today. Most noted by the shoes:

Because, you know, Lanvin shoes are oh-so-casual. And man oh man would I give my left ovary for that Fendi sweater dress. I mean, clearly that can's happen since selling body parts are illegal...for now? I would practically float into work in that dress and shoes. Marc Jacobs bag. It's great. And full disclosure on the snake bracelet: 1) my photo shop skillz on that be BANGING!! 2) It's from Gilt. Now, yes that site is obnoxious because you have such a limited time to decide on items you can never see but I mean, snake bracelet. And it's jewelry so, do you need to try it on? Though I feel that this outfit cold be missing something. Maybe it's me in it, or maybe it's a brooch...which I think Doog could easily help me out with if I ever acquire these dream outfits. Ummm, you think I could pull an Inception on this stuff???

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