Monday, August 2, 2010

Fashion Bored: OWNED!

Now, I'm not usually into bragging, but I feel that given my recent obsession over Bloch flats (which is blog is responsible for) I should just say that today I made a rather amazing purchase:

No, not JUST a YSL box. Actual shoes. I now own YSL shoes. In a size 11. Representing the opposite end of the shoe spectrum from tokin asian makes purchasing shoes rather difficult. Especially shoes from a consignment store. Ha! You think I am actually going to spend $400 on YSL shoes (no joke - that was the original price)? Nope. Consign-mothereffing-ment store. Behold!! My crappy camera phone photo!!!

My new gold YSL ballet flats. NIB, minions! NIB! I also bough 3 other dresses, which I may post about as well, but these shoes were the big find. Big not only because of the low low cost (under $50) but also because of my big, boat-like feet.

Now, can someone please find the shoes tokin asian wants? Please? More than one person on this blog needs to have their shoe-dreams come true.


  1. SO AWESOME. Please update us with sole and side views - I'm pretty sure the soles will be solid gold. That quilting on the inside is so fancy!

    Well done, super shopper!

  2. LOVVVVVVVVE them!!! What a great find! Alas, I put a pause to my quest to find the blue soled shoes - seemed the smallest size ever made might be a 6, but I'm still uncertain.

    I did however, lose control of myself for a just a few minutes...just enough time to purchase 3 potential wedding shoes off zappos - all blue. I'll try them on when my dress gets in and return the least favorable. Check em out!

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Option 3

    What do you guys think?!