Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Bored

Reality check: I have a very limited budget but an incredible lust for clothing. What is a girl to do? Create ideal outfits all day via the amazing gadget that is the interwebs! Instead of composing in my head, I'm going to post my creations here. Though it's unlikely that I will every be able to afford a lot of the clothes listed (or want to spend the amount required to buy the clothes), I see this as an inspirational project. I'll occasionally post outfits or just things that I am lusting over in hopes that I can get the fine people of the internet to lust with me. Sound like a plan?

Today I present: a work outfit! I don't promise perfection, but hopefully there will be some fun.

Great. Let's begin.

Dear DVF dress, where have you been all my life? I love the zipper and would kill to have you in my closet. Look at the color! Wouldn't you look great with this McQueen Faithful tote and Michael Kors watch? The watch is the only thing I could afford if I saved...sigh. And I really really like the Giles & Brother chevron necklace. Just hoping to bring it together. And no, I don't care that I mixed gold with silver for this outfit. In the words of RZ "metallics are neutrals" and I will do whatever I want with them.

Finally the shoes. I would wear that shit out of those. Not just with this outfit but all the time. Black pants? Give me those shoes. Blazer? Give me those shoes. Pencil skirt. Hand over those damn shoes with the ruffles. Just. Give. Them. To. Me. Now. But seriously, I want that DVF dress too. So badly.

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  1. Where are those shoes from!?! So great - I applaud this idea. Keep it up!