Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a Thing Now: Brooches

I don't mean to turn all Zooey Deschanel on you, but I freaking love brooches. Not in an ironic way, it's more an "all of a sudden, I can't wear cheap jewelery because it hurts my skin" way. I can, however, cheap out on pins and as a bonus have ANOTHER PLACE to wear jewelery.

Total no brainer.

Don't buy it? Check out some of these beauties:
Reclaimed Zipper Pin from ZipPinning

Totally fine with a tee shirt!

Vintage Amber Broach from VintagePass

Fluer de Lis Locket via SparklySushi
If this was a watch, it would be JUST like Mary Poppins. Which is a good thing.

Recycled Sterling Silver Brooch via NoaSharonDesigns
A Modern Brooch! It's not just me!

Vintage Wedding Brooch via NYJoleJewlery

In honor of TokinAsian!

Red Rhinestone Vintage Brooch Ebay
 My birthstone is a Ruby and I've always loved red stones.


  1. Ahem. Telephone brooch .

    Brooches are the best.

  2. I do not know of this brooch of which you speak. I am unaware of any sort of thing that may or may not be coming to me in honor of my birthday.

    End Transmission.