Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Craft Corner

This is quickly becoming a poor-quality-photography-taken-from-a-cellphone blog, but I actually finished a knitting project, and had to tell SOMEONE:

As you may have gathered from this, the 6th blog I've been involved in in my lifetime, I'm not a 'finisher'. I start and abandon projects with... well... abandon. So this is a big deal. I happened to make a photocopy of this pattern from a book in someone's office a few years ago, and after I totally destroyed this hideous blanket I was working on about a year ago, I was left with scraps that needed to become something. So I picked up the copy and away I went. I made a first draft, which was so small, it made Alex the Hat Model look like an imam. So I altered the pattern to actually cover one's ears and make the brim a bit smaller et voila:

Cable Guy
This is also my first successful cable that actually looks like it's supposed to - never underestimate the power of counting when knitting. I need a now project. I know have a hat pattern and a stuffed elephant pattern down cold - need some gloves or something?

After a quick Google, I found out that the pattern is in Stich n' Bitch Nation and is called Basic Cable by Christine Quirion..

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