Thursday, August 26, 2010

Of Montreal...and other things

So I feel that this song is pretty appropriate for this blog:

And here is my outfit today! Decided to post it on ye old blog to, you know, show what I actually wear.

Now, as Doogs said to me when she first saw this "Where are your shoes?!?" Well, I snapped this photo quickly in my house and usually I don't wear shoes at home. I do guarantee that I am wearing shoes at work. I promise.

I initially tried on the outfit without a belt and didn't like how the top of the skirt just seemed to be there and that I could see the side zipper. So there's that. I also have on a grey cardigan in my office right now because I am FREEZING.

Thoughts on the outfit? Are there people out there that read this besides the people who author the blog?

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